High-Performance Epoxy Flooring for the Pharmaceutical Industry

When it comes to the production of medical drugs and supplies, maintaining superior safety and cleanliness is critical. You need durable, high-performance flooring, wall, and lining systems that meets or exceeds strict FDA safety standards for industrial-scale production of safe and effective medications.

Surface Technology is well regarded in the pharmaceutical industry for our customized, commercial flooring solutions, designed specifically for the production of medical drugs and supplies.

Click here to read our whitepaper “Tips on Selecting the Right Flooring System for Pharmaceutical Facilities.”

Our FDA-approved flooring solutions are specifically designed for many pharmaceutical applications including:

  • Clean rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Processing facilities
  • Warehouse areas
  • Medical facilities
  • And more

Our seamless pharmaceutical flooring solutions are:

  • FDA approved
  • Impact-resistant
  • Sanitary and easy to clean
  • Non-toxic
  • Antibacterial
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Skid-resistant for safety
  • Designed to increase light reflectivity (up to 300%)
  • Free of solvent fumes

Why Work with Us?

Experience Matters

Since 1988, the Surface Technology team has been providing superior industrial flooring, coating, and lining solutions to some of the nation’s most-respected companies like:

All of our flooring installations meet rigorous standards of craftsmanship, design, and aesthetic innovation, while providing unmatched durability to withstand impacts and abrasions as well as high chemical resistance.

No matter what your need, the experienced team at Surface Technology Inc. can visit your facility to discuss a custom solution.

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