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Since the birth of the Industrial Revolution, the U.S. transportation and warehousing industry has had a long, successful history of providing American-made products while building our workforce. Modes of transportation including air, rail, water, road and pipeline all require industrial-level production that necessitates custom flooring and wall system solutions. That’s when Surface Technology Inc. comes in to provide transportation industry customers peace of mind as a start-to-finish custom flooring provider.

Surface Technology Inc. products are covered by a single-course warranty for products ranging from underlayment to protective coatings, and cover both materials and installations. As a full-service, professional service provider, Surface Technology Inc. customizes flooring and wall systems materials that offer:

  • High gloss for foreign debris visibility
  • Light reflectivity in hangars and maintenance facilities
  • Resistance to chemical stains, abrasion and impacts
  • Anti-skid where needed
  • Dust control
  • Excellent return on investment

Call 1-800-PROJECT today to talk to one of our experts and find out how Surface Technology can meet your automotive flooring needs.

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