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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Flooring Systems

Pharmaceutical Flooring

Surface Technology Inc. is well regarded in the pharmaceutical industry for customized flooring solutions specific to the production of medical drugs and supplies. From abrasion and chemical resistance to anti-skid and anti-bacterial properties, Surface Technology’s custom flooring, wall and lining systems are necessary for safe and clean pharmaceutical production environments.

FDA Approved Flooring Systems

Following protocol specific to FDA requirements and regulations, Surface Technology Inc. meets and exceeds strict safety standards for industrial-scale production of safe and effective medications. The pharmaceutical industry demands custom commercial flooring solutions for facilities requiring:

  • Antibacterial, seamless monolithic floors
  • Clean rooms, processing and warehouse areas
  • Increased light reflectivity (up to 300%)
  • Chemical and stain resistance
  • No solvent fumes
  • Sanitary and easy-to-clean flooring

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