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Will Private Aviation Boom, Post COVID-19?

An article in Forbes Magazine on April 23, 2020 – entitled “How To Fly By Private Jet In A World With COVID-19” – provides useful information for business leaders on using private aviation companies versus commercial airlines. The owners of private jet firms throughout the country are highly confident that many businesses will find it…

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Be Ready for Recovery

Book Your Industrial Epoxy Flooring Projects Now Although current conditions require us to prioritize projects – focusing on mission-critical projects in critical sectors such as healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturing – Surface Technology, Inc. is encouraging all facility managers to prepare for recovery. When your operations can return to normal, there will be a high…

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Tips on Selecting the Right Industrial Flooring System

“How Can I Ensure I Pick the Right Solution for My Facility’s Floor?” There are many firms that claim to offer a wide variety of commercial and industrial flooring solutions. Some will perform better than others. This White Paper will help you find the right flooring system provider for your facility, and provides valuable information…

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