Surface Technology

Professionally installed polymer flooring systems.


Simple solutions, maximum benefits

As industrial flooring experts, Surface Technology Inc. is well-versed in all types of industrial-grade polymer applications. A simple, properly designed, professionally installed polymer flooring system provides measurable benefits to any-sized commercial operation. Onsite, this increases operating efficiency, enhances safety, lowers maintenance costs and improves a company’s overall work and customer environment. Surface Technology Inc. is the industry’s leader in installation and repair of custom industrial flooring, coating and lining systems.

Industrial Epoxy Polymer Flooring

No two jobs are alike

Many projects require multiple technical products for specific applications. Our diverse portfolio exhibits a vast knowledge of Surface Technology Inc.’s private label materials and brand-name solutions that helps us customize every job. At Surface Technology Inc., we specialize in customized solutions for a wide range of resinous flooring requirements — from abrasion resistance and chemical resistance to anti-skid and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, we provide wall systems, apply high-performance coatings and install lining systems for secondary containment structures. Our products help protect, restore and enhance concrete in industrial environments such as food and beverage, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and heavy manufacturing.