Surface Technology

Commercial/Institutional Flooring Surface Applications


Many of Surface Technology Inc.’s longtime customers represent diverse segments in the commercial and institutional industries. Since we provide custom industrial flooring solutions and wall systems for hospitals, medical facilities, museums, kitchens, bars, restaurants, sports facilities, parking garages, locker rooms, jails, large retail stores, manufacturing warehouses, and more.

Since we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Surface Technology Inc. works with each client to determine specific industrial flooring solutions that do not affectefficiency. Our professional flooring and wall systems are:

  • Sanitary and easy to clean for hospitals, kitchens and locker rooms
  • Light-reflective and anti-bacterial for operating rooms
  • Waterproofing and anti-skid for swimming pools, decking and parking garages
  • Resistance to chemical stains, abrasion and impacts
  • Reduced operational downtime, any time day of night

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